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Come stay with us at Hale Akua Garden Farm, or Pali Uli Gardens, a distinctive and uniquely luxurious oasis that is part of the parcel. We are situated on the lush North Shore of Maui.  Nestled below the slopes of Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano, we overlook 30 miles of untouched Maui coastline and are situated one jungle valley above the Pacific Ocean. When you stay with us, you can rest, relax, heal and explore. You cay also learn about organic gardening and edible landscaping.  A free introduction to organic gardening and edible landscaping is included in the cost of your stay. Also, yoga and meditation classes are offered five times a week on a donation basis. Various types of massage, training in Compassionate Communication and other agricultural tutorials.  Introduction to Beekeeping or Raising Backyard Chickens classes are also available for an additional cost.

Hale Akua and Pali Uli Gardens both have wonderful swimming pools where you can cool off and exercise in beautiful surroundings. Together they feature five hot tubs and one infra-red sauna where you can relax anytime of day. You can also buy organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, sprouts and honey right at our farm to prepare in our lovely kitchens. Hale Akua and Pali Uli are cooled beautifully by the trade winds in the summer, which is a wonderful time to visit; unlike Kihei, Wailea and Lahaina, the places in Maui where most of the hotels are, which can be fairly hot in the summer. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining an herbicide and pesticide free environment and don’t use noxious cleaning chemicals within our dwellings or in our pools and hot tubs. Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens are both wonderful places for people who wish to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible when staying in Maui. Because we are far from brightly lit tourist areas, the stars are gorgeous at night.

About Hale Akua Garden Farm

Hale Akua Garden Farm has 12 exquisite rooms, some of which house two people and others of which can house up to four people. We offer a range of accommodations ~ modest rooms in comfortable homes, a lovely cottage with Balinese decor, and a spacious Villa. It is the perfect place to go for the student or visitor who wishes to have as green a visit as possible. Hale Akua is partially powered by solar electric and solar thermal, so its carbon foot print is much lower than many other places in Maui. Hale Akua’s 60 foot swimming pool and some of its showers are partially heated by solar thermal panels, and its water is pumped by electricity supplemented with our own solar electric panels. Hale Akua is where our yoga and meditation classes are taught, and where our gardening classes and other seminars are often held.

Hale Akua is also the part of Hale Akua Garden Farm where you can buy your organic fruits, vegetables, sprouts, eggs and honey. In addition to short tutorials on agricultural topics, since 2001 we have regularly offered popular seminars about different facets of organic gardening to our local Maui community.  Hale Akua is a great place to visit if you want to meet local Maui residents, and not simply other island tourists. Hale Akua also sells quality organic vegetables and fruits of many kinds to our local health food store in Paia, Mana Foods, and to a number of local restaurants and markets in Paia, among them Maui Kombucha, Maui Preserved, Maui Juicing Company, Dragon’s Den and Mana Foods. All of our farm vehicles are run on biodiesel made by Pacific Biodiesel, a local supplier that processes the large amount of oil coming from hotel restaurants into biodiesel for our cars.

The Villa and the Ohana building at Hale Akua Garden Farm offer more luxurious accommodations. Bedrooms in The Villa and Ohana House vary in configuration and each bedroom houses one to four people. These houses are beautifully furnished and each has a lovely hot tub to go with it. The Villa has a spectacular view of the ocean and from its grounds the 200 foot waterfall next to Hale Akua Garden Farm can be seen.

About Pali Uli Gardens 

Pali Uli Gardens is the most luxurious part of Hale Akua Garden Farm. It is composed of the Waterfall house and the Cliff house, both of which have their own private kitchens, swimming pools and hot tubs overlooking the 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline and the nearby 200 foot waterfall. The Waterfall House also has a grand piano where one can play overlooking the coastline rom a marble-floored living room with exquisite views.

The Cliff House, which resembles a luxurious studio suite, has a beautiful marble floor, a lovely kitchen, large bed to sleep in, hot tub and pool. It is, like the Waterfall House, a wonderful place for a couple to stay. The Cliff House has a separate private nook where a couple or their kids could stay if the they wanted more privacy.

Like the guests staying at Hale Akua, people staying at the Waterfall House and the Cliff House also get an Introduction to Organic Gardening and Edible Landscaping included in the cost of their stay. They also can take other tutorials in gardening and farm related matters, among them tutorials in beekeeping, composting, raising backyard chickens, sprouting and other topics. They are also welcome to swim in Hale Akua’s 60 foot solar heated swimming pool and to participate in seminars offered to the general public on topics related to gardening, held in Hale Akua’s large seminar room. Additionally, visitors are also free to take the yoga and meditation classes or to schedule a massage or instructional session in Compassionate Communication at extra cost.

Hale Akua’s lush tropical jungle environment on the North Shore of Maui overlooking the Pacific Ocean offers retreat groups a pristine venue free of pesticides and herbicides and without the risks associated with exposure to Monsanto’s GMO and Bt pollen present in some areas of the island.  Equally important, our location is free of dioxin exposure from drifting smoke arising from controversial sugar cane burning on Maui.

We provide fresh clean water in all lodgings and use no noxious chemical agents in our stewardship of the land and our facilities. We use only natural cleaning agents. Given the unavoidable dampness of our climate, we engage in state of the art mold mitigation protocols and recommend specific rooms to those with concerns about dampness in their environment. As a certified organic farm, we use only sustainable and benign products throughout Hale Akua Garden Farm.

An introduction to organic gardening and permaculture is included in the cost of your stay. Additionally, yoga and meditation classes are offered to people staying at Hale Akua Garden Farm on a donation basis.

~ Conditional Use Permit Pending ~

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